“Omani Men’s National Dress” a recent article published in Ars Orientalis by Aisa Martinez

“Omani Men’s National Dress: Displaying Personal Taste, Asserting National Identity” is an article recently published in Ars Orientalis by Aisa Martinez, a member of our research team at Barker Langham. Ars Orientalis is an annual journal published by the Smithsonian's Free and Sackler Galleries along with the University of Michigan that feature the latest research in art of the Middle East and Asia. Each volume features on a central theme and Ars Orientalis 47 considers key issues in the study of dress in general, and dress in Asia more specifically. These include the divide between the timelessness of “traditional” dress and the fast-paced changes of what we call “fashion”; the categories of evidence that come into play; the ways in which Orientalism has affected the study of dress; and contemporary approaches to the field.

The article focuses on Omani men's national dress and is a culmination of a year's Fulbright research that took place in 2007-2008 and field research in 2010 and is based on Aisa’s post-graduate dissertation. Men's traditional dress in the Arabian Peninsula is a subject that is rarely covered in dress studies. Oman is a unique place to observe how the country's history of trade and interaction in the Indian Ocean has influenced different dress elements.

The article is available online here on Ars Orientalis’s website.