‘QE2: Still Making History’ opens in Dubai

After ten years, the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) ship officially reopened this month. Once the fastest passenger ship of her age, She is now docked permanently in Dubai and has reopened as a luxury hotel.

Over four decades, the QE2 sailed around the world and carried nearly 2.5 million passengers. However, 2008 marked the year of the QE2’s last voyage. With no eminent plans for the QE2’s future, the Ship was left in disrepair. She was purchased by Dubai World and transformed to become a hotel, promising “a unique experience capturing all that was grand about her 40 years of service".

To celebrate the QE2’s rich heritage and Her life in Dubai, Barker Langham worked with MET Studio to create a temporary exhibition. The exhibition takes a step back in time to the QE2’s maiden voyage in 1969, evoking the cutting-edge design and technology that the Ship became so famous for.

Barker Langham is thrilled to have worked on this project with PCFC Hotels and MET Studio to create an immersive and historical experience about the QE2, a British maritime icon.

The Ship and the exhibition are both now open to the public.