Bevis Marks Synagogue

Revitalising a Grade-1 listed synagogue

  • S&P Sephardi
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2015 - 2016

Bevis Marks is the oldest synagogue still in use in the UK, and the oldest synagogue in continuous use in Europe. Although one of the most important sites for British Jewry, it is currently in need of revitalisation.

We explored what could be done to better integrate the spiritual, cultural and commercial aspects of synagogue life - to support a living community at Bevis Marks and safeguard the future of the site.

This work has culminated in a first round HLF application that will help improve interpretation, access and activities onsite, ensuring that Bevis Marks is fit for purpose as a historic attraction and cultural centre.

A decision on the application is expected for Spring 2017.