Barker Langham becomes an Employee-Owned Trust

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve become an Employee-Owned Trust (EOT), reconfirming our commitment to the innovation and collaboration that has defined our unique approach since our founding in 2005.

Designed to empower employees, EOTs are an increasingly important ownership model for creative businesses. They acknowledge the value of people in a company’s success, ensuring they are stakeholders in its future and encouraging innovation at all levels. Barker Langham employees now own a majority of the company.

The move to an EOT reflects the spirit of friendship and collaboration that first inspired the company’s founding and has defined our operating style ever since. While our projects have grown exponentially both in number and scale, and the team has grown accordingly, the company’s Founders and Board of Directors wanted to ensure that this original ethos would be lastingly infused throughout the company.

Darren Barker and Eric Langham:
“Our exceptionally talented and passionate global team lead in their fields with a distinctive blend of local experience and international expertise. When you look at what we have accomplished together on an incredible variety of projects around the globe – the deep research, the captivating storytelling and the genuine partnerships, cultivated over the long-term – these things are only possible because of our team. This new structure brings the very ownership of the organisation into alignment with what we believe and, by transitioning to an EOT, we are writing the next chapter of BL hand in hand with the team, who will share in the success they have been integral to building. Our move to an EOT will empower them to continue expanding and innovating – delivering Barker Langham’s unparalleled support for the cultural sector.”