Barker Langham explores major global issues affecting museums at the 2021 ICOM UK Working Internationally Conference

In partnership with ICOM UK and NMDC, and with support from the British Council, Barker Langham invites you to join the Working Internationally Conference. This online forum will respond and debate some of the most prevalent and important global issues affecting the cultural industry: social justice, museums and sustainability and the future of museums.

To investigate these themes, Barker Langham has curated three hour-long sessions, each based around an audio-visual think-piece featuring a diverse group of speakers. A Q&A will be held throughout the duration of each session, as part of the live chat function on the conference platform.

Day 1: Wednesday 16 March – Social Justice
14:00 - 15:00 Barker Langham Curated Session
Just Outcomes

Subhadra Das (UCL), Clara Paillard (Public and Commercial Services Union), Deborah Tulani Salahu-Din (National Museum of African American History and Culture), Matt and Jess Turtle (Museum of Homelessness), and Anne Wetsi Mpoma (independent curator, Brussels) tackle some of the toughest questions facing our profession, from re-centering the stories we tell, to changing pay and hiring policies, to empowering visitors to transform their communities.

Day 2: Tuesday 17 March – Museums and Sustainability
14:00 - 15:00 Barker Langham Curated Session
Testaments from the Age of Humans

Barker Langham will take the audience on a journey across the globe – including the District Six Museum, Brooklyn Museum and the National Museum of Qatar – to hear how objects, landscapes and institutions can be reimagined to tell unexpected stories about humanity’s impact on our planet, and to discover how every museum has the power to be a voice for climate action.

Day 3: Thursday 18 March – The Future of Museums
Programme introduced and chaired by Eric Langham

14:00 - 15:00 Barker Langham Curated Session
Responsive Futures
Through political turmoil, public health crises, economic downturns and seismic shifts in global culture, museums have to adapt to survive and remain relevant. This session offers insights from Foteini Aravani (Museum of London), Dr Aaron Bryant (Museum of African American History and Culture), Anna Burckhardt (Museum of Modern Art) and Suzy Hakimian (Museum of Minerals and Chair of ICOM Lebanon) about how museums are navigating ever-evolving landscapes, and shedding light on why and for whom they collect.

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