‘Creativity: The Commercial Superpower’ A report on the impact of collaboration between creative organisations and corporate firms by Barker Langham and Culture Mile

‘Creativity: The Commercial Superpower’ is a report by Barker Langham and Culture Mile, co-funded by Guildhall School of Music & Drama. It explores the potential positive impact of the cross-pollination between creative organisations and corporate firms, and examines creativity as a significant driver for positive change in corporate environments.

The report identifies ways in which creativity can be maximised across multiple industries through the facilitation of cross-sector collaborations. This can ultimately support Culture Mile’s ambition to develop the City as a global hub of creativity, innovation and learning that delivers economic growth and social mobility for London.

Using a bespoke framework, the report examines the ways in which creativity can help businesses to tackle five key areas: wellbeing, identity, financial return, innovation and transformation.

Evidence for ‘Creativity: The Commercial Superpower’ was gathered over six months from a range of organisations located within the Square Mile, including Bank of America, Linklaters, Create London and Music in Offices. Their input showed the immense potential and value of cross-sectoral collaboration for promoting innovative creative practice.

The report’s conclusion is that the benefits of creativity are far-reaching and that all types of businesses can prosper from unlocking their potential through collaborations across the corporate and creative sectors.

Darren Barker, BL’s Founder says: “This report fully underscores the need to further invest in the potential of the powerful relationship between cultural organisations, creativity and business - to unleash the benefits of the 'superpower' that can be created.”

Watch the preview video here and visit the Cultural Mile website to download the executive summary and fact sheet here.

About Culture Mile

Culture Mile is the City of London’s new cultural district, stretching from Farringdon to Moorgate. Led by the City of London Corporation, with the Barbican, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London Symphony Orchestra and Museum of London, the five partners are together creating a vibrant, creative area in the north-west corner of the Square Mile. Alongside animating the whole district with imaginative collaborations and events, delivering major enhancements to the streets and improving wayfinding, Culture Mile will be working with organisations from across the City to build a world-class hub of creativity, innovation and learning that delivers economic growth and social mobility for London.