Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures Conference

Barker Langham founder, Eric Langham, together with Colin Sterling, Fellow at UCL Institute of Archaeology, presents ‘When Interpretation becomes Artefact’, a paper on exhibition afterlife, at the Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures conference hosted by the Centre for Design History at the University of Brighton, UK from 1-11 September.

The paper explores a less visible but no less impactful strand of resonant exhibitions; namely, the afterlives of certain interpretive schema and devices within current museum collections and experiences. Drawing on a diverse range of micro case studies, it investigates the production, reception, conservation and sometimes re-display of historic modes of museum interpretation. What can the transition of certain objects and media from interpretation to artefact tell us about broader exhibitionary histories? How might such afterlives inform more sustainable museological practice? The paper concludes with a speculative discussion of the kinds of interpretive schema in use today that might be elevated to the status of museum object, becoming sedimentations for future exhibition design.

You can now access the virtual presentation on the conference website here.

Museum Exhibition Design: Histories and Futures is a nearly carbon-neutral conference (NCNC) that sees scholars and practitioners come together to reframe understandings of museums and challenge contemporary museums and exhibition makers as they plan for the future.