Eric's Interview with ICOM UK

From 16–18 March, Barker Langham will curate three sessions at ICOM UK's online Working Internationally Conference.

Ahead of the conference, our founder Eric Langham spoke with Catherine McDermott, ICOM UK Secretary and Interim Vice-Chair, to discuss how the sessions are taking shape and the three big ideas they address: social justice, sustainability and the future. As Eric says, these are topics that define humanity, so it’s been a privilege to set aside some time to wrestle with them.

Each of the sessions we are working on will take the form of an original film, built around brilliant conversations with experts from around the world. As the big event gets closer, our excitement levels are peaking, and – though it might be challenging to edit down the thoughts of so many great minds – we are hugely excited to share what we’ve learned. Check out the interview here and don’t forget to register!