Eric Langham Speaks with Museums Association for National Freelancers Day

The employment of freelance consultants in the cultural sector is increasingly more commonplace, especially now that projects start quickly and have a defined shelf life; teams of professionals, with often different skills, need to be assembled very rapidly.

For National Freelancers Day, BL’s founder Eric Langham spoke with Museums Association about working as a freelancer or consultant in the cultural sector. Eric shared three skills he considers vital to being a successful freelancer or consultant.

Listening: as people commission you for a reason, you need to understand what this is. Synthesise: the ability to draw on your collective pool of skills, such as research, capabilities, past experiences, imaginings, to inspire and create something totally new. And finally, obliquity: the art of thinking differently and looking with fresh eyes at old problems.

But it's the thrill of learning something new, each and every day, that drives Eric and the Barker Langham team to do what they do: “I always love learning new things, whether it’s having teleportation explained to me by a quantum physicist or discovering the hidden stories behind a place or a collection.”

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