National Museum of Qatar Grand Opening

The opening of the National Museum of Qatar on the 28 March represents the completion of almost a decade of Barker Langham’s work on the project. The new National Museum will be a core addition to the cultural landscape of both Qatar and the wider region, presenting a new paradigm in the museum experience globally.

From the geological formation of the peninsula over 700 million years ago to present day and into the future, the story of Qatar is told through a suite of free-flowing galleries that feature a combination of objects, digital interactives, films, soundscapes and hands-on experiences. Working closely with Qatar Museums and architects Ateliers Jean Nouvel, we employed a holistic approach to museum planning - placing visitors, their experience and their needs at the centre of its evolution; creating a narrative museum like no other.

“This is a new type of narrative experience – we are telling the story of a people and a place over three acts, covering eleven galleries. The result is a museum that feels much more like walking through a film or a ‘mind palace’ than a traditional museum space.”Eric Langham, Founding Director, Barker Langham

This has been a hugely exciting project for the team at BL, and we are delighted to see the Museum being enjoyed by so many visitors from across the world.

Image by Iwan Baan (Qatar Museums)