Archives and Memories + Anatomy of a Photograph

Exploring Abu Dhabi's Collective Memory

  • Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • 2016

Abu Dhabi’s annual Qasr Al Hosn Festival has gown in popularity each year since its inauguration in 2012. In its fourth year, we worked with exhibition designers Kossman DeJong to develop two exhibitions exploring Abu Dhabi’s rich cultural heritage: Archives & Memories and Anatomy a Photograph.

Abu Dhabi is fortunate to have an extensive range of archives that celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Emirate. These collections are the nation’s memory. In Archives & Memories we drew on these collections to explore the different types of media in the collections, including photography, newspapers and film, and discover how each medium records events and preserves memories in a different way.

Anatomy of a Photograph is a dramatic, immersive film environment comprising 9 suspended screens that deconstructs five of Abu Dhabi’s iconic photographs to reveal hidden narratives and decipher what these echoes from the past can teach us today.

Both exhibitions opened to positive reception and will tour internationally.