• Corporation of London
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2019 - 2020

In July 2017, the City of London Corporation announced plans for ‘Culture Mile’, an ambitious and transformational initiative to create a vibrant cultural, creative and learning destination in the north-west corner of the City. This geographical area includes independent landmark cultural institutions that Barker Langham have collaborated with in the past, including the Museum of London, the Bank of England and Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

For Culture Mile, Barker Langham has been commissioned to evaluate how cultural and artistic intervention can meet business needs and lead to innovation and transformation, as well as measure the impact of the cross-fertilisation between the creative and the corporate sectors. Barker Langham has undertaken audience evaluations to gain insight into the needs and requirements of future uses of the various cultural attractions in the area, which will feed into the future planning.

The shared outcome of our work with the various cultural institutions in the City of London is that the institutions have a better idea of their purpose and their audiences, and equipped with this understanding, they can confidently proceed with their further masterplan developments. Our input into the Culture Mile project give innovative recommendations on the potential for impactful cross-fertilisation between culture and business with a framework of how to capture and measure the envisioned impact.