House of European History

A new museum for Europe

  • European Parliament
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • From 2015

The iconic Eastman building in Parc Léopold at the heart of the European quarter in Brussels was constructed in 1935 as a dental clinic for disadvantaged children. It has been renovated and extended to transform it into the House of European History – a new museum telling the story of Europe and the European Union.

We worked with a team of academics and writers to provide content and language editing services across the museum, in the 24 languages of the European Union, including the catalogues for both the permanent and inaugural temporary exhibitions. We also scripted the AV shows that form a centrepiece in each of the permanent galleries.

Barker Langham was further commissioned to curate, research, and provide content management services for the Restless Youth: 70 Years of Growing Up in Europe temporary exhibition. The exhibition tells the story of what life was like for young Europeans over the past 70 years, taking the perspective of four different generations of young Europeans who have come of age at key moments in post-war European history.

The museum’s permanent exhibition focuses on 20th century history and encourage critical reflection about what Europe and its history means today. We also worked with the curatorial team to develop the museum’s second temporary exhibition, Restless Youth: 70 Years of Growing Up in Europe opened successfully in December 2018.

Image by House of European History / European Union, 2019 – EP