Qatar National Museum

Qatar National Museum

  • Qatar Museums
  • Doha, Qatar
  • 2011 - 2019

The new National Museum of Qatar celebrates the culture and heritage of Qatar and its people. The Museum tells the story of the country from its geological formation 700 million years ago to present day and into the future. The narrative is explored through a suite of free-flowing galleries that feature a combination of objects, digital interactives, films, soundscapes and hands-on experiences.

Barker Langham led on the interpretive development of the Museum and defined the visitor experience to create a narrative-driven design. Working closely with Qatar Museums, and with architects and designers Ateliers Jean Nouvel, we employed a holistic approach: placing visitors, their experience and their needs at the centre of the museum experience, shaping the new National Museum of Qatar into a narrative museum like no other.

The permanent galleries of the National Museum comprise around 100 bespoke exhibits, for which Barker Langham produced a suite of comprehensive briefing documents. These were underpinned by an extensive body of original research developed in collaboration with the Museum team and with Qatari and international academics, and extensive international archival research. We delivered Arabic and English script throughout the Museum and selected physical and digital visual content to support the narrative.

Recently opened to worldwide interest and acclaim, the National Museum of Qatar is a landmark destination and a core addition to the cultural landscape of Qatar and the wider region, as well as a new type of museum experience globally. The Museum realises Qatar’s ambitious vision for a distinctive, progressive institution that works for the benefit of its people, residents and visitors.

Image by Iwan Baan (Qatar Museums)